gReader for Kindle, Android Phone

I like a few, did not know what an RSS feed is.  After using it this weekend I can see the benefits.  This weekend I used the gReader for not only my Kindle, but I was able to use it for my form as well.  What I liked most about the reader is that my phone could notify me of any new stories from the sites that I started to follow.  I was able to click on the story and it brought me to the site which I really enjoyed. 

I don’t think this is a gReader problem, but there was a particular site that did not give as many updates.  I am a New York Jets fan so I followed their news feed.  Between Friday to Sunday, there were no updates.  I was looking for players that were being reported as not being able to play for the week.  Right after the game, the news feed starting updating, but by that time I was not interested due to the 38-13 blowout loss. 

 I Just subscribe to Bloglines is a web-based news aggregator for reading syndicated feeds using the RSS and Atom formats. Users can subscribe to the syndicated feeds for free using a web browser. Bloglines offers an application programming interface that maintainers of web sites can use to write software that can read feeds, search its database of feed entries

I like this feed aggregator for reading my RSS, make it easy to get the feeds from the sites databases to get the news i’m interested on it. Check it out. It’s free

I like this  company that sales houses in Houston (Har) (I couldn’t find the RSS connection to feed me)  With “” I got the RSS connection and Now I know when new sales on houses will appear instantly with complete reports, comparative prices in the neighborhood and comments about the house, like info. summary. With the option to get into the link to open a complete page with pictures (complete add) 


Wikis in plain English

Wikis makes life in tune with all the others involve… Cool tool I just plan a Scouts trip for the weekend and Wikis save me from knocking doors for the assignments, or making list and changes and confusion, I got agreements in my screen, comments and plans to improve and be sure we score with a 10 this weekend. Matt. Thank’s for your cool class. Comm 2400 ROCKS !

RSS reader for Windows 7

RSS is awesome I love how it keeps me updated with feeds without me going to the actual website.  I had never tried it till now and I think its super cool. I subscribed to a few of my social website and news website that I usually use a lot and they are working great.

I didn’t know that windows 7 had a free RSS reader I actually had to google it, but once I found it I was very satisfied and glad I had it very easy.  I think it’s a very nice benefit that windows 7 has.  It works great and I am enjoying it, and I am willing to use it from now on.

–Jackie G

RSS Reader for Firefox

I’m embarrassed to say that I have never really looked into RSS feed readers until now. Being a wannabe website freelancer you think I would have looked into it a little more before. Heck, I’ve coded them for people, just never used them myself.

After sifting through the vast ocean of reader apps for the ipad, I decided to find one for my pc instead. The RSS Reader I’ve settled on for firefox is called Brief. As I mentioned before I am unfamiliar with these readers, but apparently it is a lot like some other ones (bamboo, simple, etc) only it incorporates your bookmarks a little more. This can be a positive or negative depending if you like this feature or not. Any feed you add is automatically added as a live bookmark under a folder called “subscribed feeds.” Here you can manage these live bookmarks as you choose, through Firefox’s bookmark manager. For a better explanation than what I could give click here.

While these bookmark features are pretty neat, I haven’t really utilized them yet. So far I have enjoyed the experience but would very much like some feedback on other feed readers out there.


-Nick W

RSS Reader the same as social media

In retrospect, I should have probably chosen web sites that would be updated more often. I chose MousePlanet because they are a pretty good website for current Disney information, and I am planning on taking my mom, my grandma and my sister to Disneyland in December.

I chose the Disney History Institute because I wanted more than what I was getting from social media from them, and I chose the waste of web space “Social Creativity” because I wanted to try another website that I haven’t explored before. (I am not adding the link because the website hasn’t been updated since 2010. It does not deserve your traffic.)

I used the reader that comes with Microsoft 7, and it seemed to work okay. However, I get enough of this type of feed action from Facebook. It is, in fact, one of the reasons that I don’t really use Twitter. I have enough to do with my time without the constant reminder of all of the things that I cannot do.

What are the Kardashians doing now?

I just had to post this – not that I care or anything. In social media, the Kardashians rule the world and are basically everywhere. When will it all stop?!

Take a look at this article. You should have a good laugh!

Courtesy of Rachael Folland