Web 2. D’oh! and the “News”

Miley Cyrus stops following Liams Hemsworth on Twitter made US Weekly as a news story. This is akin to going down to the barber shop and hearing the gossip from men, or sitting under the beautician’s hair dryer. This is rumor mongering at its best.

The whole article discusses the problems that Cyrus and Hemsworth have had. It ties in Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs, and goes on to speculate about bedroom behavior based on unnamed sources.

Not only do stories like this continue to strip people of their privacy, they also help to hide the real issues that people should be talking about. The more noise that gets put on the Internet, the less likely people are going to act on those things that need to be changed.

There is nothing wrong with entertainment. Unfortunately, Americans have saturated themselves with it. Movies, sports and video games are taking over people’s lives. It’s like in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, except there aren’t any replacements for those who are wasting their time in front of a screen somewhere.

The more people fill their lives with the extraneous, the more they will find that their lives don’t mean anything. Facing that meaninglessness and changing it is the hardest thing that any person has to do. Video game high scores, movie and television trivia knowledge and celebrity stalking are not the ways to fulfillment.

Go outside, meet someone IRL and enjoy the smells and textures of life. Do not let entertainment be your morphine as corporations and government take away the freedoms you aren’t using anyway.

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