Easy find

A search option for those that hate searching..

easyfindI can’t believe I went over a year at the workplace without it. Every day I have the marvelous task of juggling multiple pdfs, jpegs, etc on a media server with over a thousand other pdfs, jpegs, etc and making sure they are named, backed up and filed correctly. Sometimes finding those files can be a pain. You would think that following a specific, organized naming convention would help the search process but for whatever reason it seems finder is not able to find anything. It makes me wanna falcon punch my monitor..

A coworker sensed this frustration one day and introduced me to Easy Find. It is just that, a search app that helps you do those things that a normal search function should do.. search for stuff and do it well.

Why do I like it?

It is quick, to the point and gives results. You tell it in what directory to search (or your entire computer if you want) and choose a keyword or exact name to search.

Other reasons:

  • Immediate searches, no indexing
  • Displays the location of each file in a separate column (this is incredibly useful)
  • Finds invisible files and files inside packages (spotlight won’t do this)
  • Supports drag-and-drop
  • Takes up little memory
  • It’s free!

There are more reasons but if you are looking for a search option that functions well and is easy to use, I recommend this.

Nick Weight


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