Who are the Borg?


If you’ve never seen or been interested in Star Trek before, or didn’t spend this weekend having a Trek marathon, the Borg are a fictional pseudo-race of cybernetic beings, whose only drive is to assimilate alien technology with their own in order to achieve their idea of perfection. The Borg are an interconnected collective, meaning the entire race can hear and communicate with another through thought, with no hierarchical structure to complicate their commands. This allows the Borg to simultaneously collaborate on any task, which made them one of the greatest forces in the Star Trek universe.

The writers of Star Trek were very keen on satirizing modern, post-modern and post-post-modern society, often through dialogue or depictions of alien races. So who are the Borg and who are they superior to. Uninterested in money, status or power, they strive only towards ‘perfection’ while they assimilate technology to better their own. Are they the material consumer, mindlessly assimilating every new technology that comes in their path? Are they the hyper information hog, striving for omniscience? Or are they the internet user, using social media to collaborate with others from across the world?

Not quite sure but that’s why I love science fiction because of its geekish satires that examine human culture and its ethos.

-Jef Smith


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