RSS Reader for Firefox

I’m embarrassed to say that I have never really looked into RSS feed readers until now. Being a wannabe website freelancer you think I would have looked into it a little more before. Heck, I’ve coded them for people, just never used them myself.

After sifting through the vast ocean of reader apps for the ipad, I decided to find one for my pc instead. The RSS Reader I’ve settled on for firefox is called Brief. As I mentioned before I am unfamiliar with these readers, but apparently it is a lot like some other ones (bamboo, simple, etc) only it incorporates your bookmarks a little more. This can be a positive or negative depending if you like this feature or not. Any feed you add is automatically added as a live bookmark under a folder called “subscribed feeds.” Here you can manage these live bookmarks as you choose, through Firefox’s bookmark manager. For a better explanation than what I could give click here.

While these bookmark features are pretty neat, I haven’t really utilized them yet. So far I have enjoyed the experience but would very much like some feedback on other feed readers out there.


-Nick W


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