I Just subscribe to Bloglines is a web-based news aggregator for reading syndicated feeds using the RSS and Atom formats. Users can subscribe to the syndicated feeds for free using a web browser. Bloglines offers an application programming interface that maintainers of web sites can use to write software that can read feeds, search its database of feed entries

I like this feed aggregator for reading my RSS, make it easy to get the feeds from the sites databases to get the news i’m interested on it. Check it out. It’s free

I like this  company that sales houses in Houston (Har) (I couldn’t find the RSS connection to feed me)  With “WWW.Bloglines.com” I got the RSS connection and Now I know when new sales on houses will appear instantly with complete reports, comparative prices in the neighborhood and comments about the house, like info. summary. With the option to get into the link to open a complete page with pictures (complete add) 



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