Harry Reid Web 2.0


I decided to look into Senator Harry Reid – web 2.0. I was driving on the freeway and the car in front of me had this bumper sticker – it made me smile. I am originally  from Las Vegas and have some distant ties to the Senator.  He seems like a polarizing figure – but I like him.  He has a strong presence on the web and clearly over the last couple of weeks – he has been front and center in most traditional and web based media.

Using the way back tool, I found out that HarryReid.com has been a site since August 5, 2010. Harry Reid.com  is a clear and concise website that connects to several other social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flicker,RSS, and a blog.  While researching I found an article reviewing political sites and found some interesting information by Steven Russell Davey of PoliticalShift post at PBS MediaShift :

The re-election website of Sen. Harry Reid and the campaign site of Sean Duffy, who is running for Congress in Wisconsin’s seventh district, as exceptional candidate websites. He noted that while the layouts are different, it’s easy to find buttons for getting involved and where to find out more about the candidates. Additionally, Daleny suggested that Reid’s emphasis on Nevada’s landscape is something that might draw positive attention to his unpopular candidacy with something that constituents care for, while Duffy’s emphasis is on him as a candidate.

Of course, a campaign website has to have good content. Delany said this content has to help persuade a potential supporter. At the same time, a website and online presence can’t have so much going on, and be so complicated that a small team — or the candidate herself — can’t keep everything updated.

“You want to reach people through the channels that they use,” Daleny said, “but if you are out on 20 different social networks, you don’t have time to maintain any of them well. You don’t want to build any more than you can maintain.”

Twitter Account –Harry Reid’s Twitter account is up to date and clearly used on a daily basis.  I couldn’t find out who was the author behind the tweets. It seemed that there were many less negative comments on the twitter account vs. Harry’s Facebook page – which leads me to conclude that there are more controls on the Twitter Account

Facebook Account – Harry has two FaceBook accounts – one is listed under Harry Reid  – and the other is Senator Harry Reid. The later Facebook page more likes and was more recently updated.  Both accounts have very similar information – so it is a bit confusing to have two accounts.

YouTube – There are many different videos on youtube in regards to Harry Reid – there are news clips, interviews, and anti Harry Reid videos as well.

Overall, I would say that Harry Reid has a strong presence on the web and with web 2.0.  He is actively engaged in the different streams of social media and current on content.  His message is consistent as well as the design and feel of the different applications.  As far as making improvement on Harry’s web 2.0 applications – I would say to have just one FaceBook page would be less confusing.  I also think limiting some comments would keep the different applications message on point.



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