Pinterest Terms of Service


I really do like Pinterest quite a bit. I know that there was lots of discussion about why someone would use it. I use it because there wouldn’t be enough room in my house for all the corkboard I would need to organize my projects or inspiration. I also like going to a site where I can type in a keyword like “oil cloth” and a million ideas pop up – to help me through a creative block.

According to its privacy policy, Pinterest collects and uses personal information in much the same way that Facebook does. This includes voluntary signup information like name, profile photo and email address. From there, anything that you and your fellow users then share on Pinterest is also recorded. Pinterest also logs data such as your IP address and the last site you visited before you came to Pinterest, and it also uses cookies and tracks what type of device you’re using to access Pinterest at any given time.

I like how Pinterest has all the professional jargon about their site – but then they put the content it everyday terms. I have copied the everyday talk….

Using Pinterest – You can use Pinterest unless you’re under 13.Also, if your boss is making you use Pinterest, you need to set up a Business account.

Your Content – Copies of content shared with others may remain even after you delete the content from your account.

Feedback you provide – Don’t post porn or spam or be a jerk to other Pinners. Oh, and we can actually use your suggestions to make Pinterest better

Copyright Policy – We respect copyright. You should too.

Security – You can help us fight spammers by keeping security tips in mind.

Third Part links, Sites, and Services – Pins link to content off of Pinterest. Most of that stuff is awesome but we’re not responsible when it’s not.

Termination – we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Indemnity – if we are sued because of something your business does on Pinterest, you have to pay our cost. Also, you should have created a business account and agree to our commercial terms in the first place.

Disclaimers – Unfortuately people post bad stuff on user generated content sites like Pinterest.

General Terms – If we’re making a big change to the terms, we’ll let you know.



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