Skype – Terms of Service

The policy says that they collect personal information with the purpose of providing a more efficient and safer experience for customers. They collect and use, and sometimes they even have a third party company acting on their behalf to collect and use personal information about clients for various reasons. To avoid fraud is one of them. It also states that they don’t sell or trade any personal information unless they are obligated to do so by law to competent authorizes.  They might also use personal information from customers in the event that they may need to defend themselves against a lawsuit.  I didn’t really find anything about the actions that they will take in case of a breach in security might take place.  They do however assure the customers that they sometimes use “automated scanning within Instant Messages and SMS” to be able to identify possible spam or identify URL’s that have been flagged as spam or fraud, with the intention to protect their customers. NG


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