Working with Cloud “Dropbox vs Skydrive”

I chose to use Dropbox and Skydrive. Why? Dropbox is something I’ve been using for a while now so I am familiar with it. Skydrive because I learned that you get more storage space from the get go. That plus it is the name of the street I grew up on, so of course I had to look into it.

I first got into Dropbox when I was looking for a way to share files with someone I was building a website with. It didn’t make sense to email files back and forth soo much. Dropbox was easy to sign up and get going. Their UI is laid out in a simple way that is easy to understand. It is pretty much a folder from your desktop. Within this folder is any project and folder you feel like throwing in there. I like it because it is extremely easy to get access from anything (including Linux). It is also worth mentioning that there is no limit to file size when uploading from the desktop app which is nice. The only real downside I see is that it starts you with only 2GB which is significantly less than some of the other cloud services. You can get much more space by either paying (which I won’t do) or by referring more people to drop box (which I should do but haven’t yet).

Skydrive is pretty awesome when it comes to storage space. It comes with a whopping 7GB right from the start. Besides that paying to get more space is cheaper than other cloud services. It comes with a Microsoft Web App which is nice for doing some quick changes to documents. Skydrive allows you to remotely access all files on your PC (I have not tried this yet but plan to). There is not much of a downside to Skydrive. It seems to be in its early development stages and hopefully will continue to do well. However I personally find the UI to be more difficult to use and navigate. For this reason I will continue to use Dropbox more. It is powerful, simple and gets the job done without much clutter.

– Nick Weight


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