One of my favorite apps is WhatsApp. I like this app because it allows me to send instant messages to friends and family across the world and most of the time, they see that message faster than they would see it if I sent it on Facebook. WhatsApp also has emoticons that I can use to enhance conversation. It automatically lets me know when i add a contact to my phone if that person has uses WhatsApp. It provides an easier and faster way for me to send pictures and videos to friends and loved ones. It  also has a voice recorder where I can send audio messages if i do not feel like typing. I can also upload my personal wall paper to WhatsApp so that when I am chatting with someone, my wall paper will be on the background, gives me something pleasing to look at. Last but not least, I can also upload a profile picture and change my status for a much smaller audience than Facebook gives me. Its a pretty cool app.

By Gifty



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