I love the app “Shazam” I have it on all my devices that I carry with me every day. It’s a music app that you hold up to the radio when a song you like is playing. This can be used to keep track o f new music you like, or it can be used for what I use it for almost ever day, naming a song you don’t know the name of. We hear new music every day it’s so hard to keep track of the songs we like, especially while were driving.

This app lets you press “Shazam” button while it records around 10 seconds of the song. It will then name the song, artist, and album. It also keeps your past “tags” in a folder so you can remember them the next time you’re buying music.

It also works for movies and TV shows. Just last night I held it up while watching We Are Marshall and it came up with the movie cover. It also gave me all of the songs from the soundtrack.

The app is free and works across all platforms. I have a Windows phone that it works greatly with and an iPad that I carry with me; that it also works with.


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