Baugh – Thoughts on “Generation Like”

How is it that as I watched the Frontline episode entitled, “Generation Like”, I felt torn? Half of me worried for these kids and how they may grow up not understanding truly how the world is, while the other half of envied them and wished I had the same amount of popularity and endorsements from Brand-name companies.

I loved this show for the way it explained everything so well. I felt like I was understanding the market much better. I want to work in this social media world full time and I want to understand it from the view point of those that are deep in it. The show dug deep into social currency but didn’t dig into the actual currency for either those that are creating the content or for the companies that endorse the content creators.

I have my own identity on social media and I have a business that I would like to promote using social media. I am excited to learn more about the skills and tools that “TheAudience” uses to promote their clients. I am looking at doing a semester with the Walt Disney Company and shadow those in the social media realm. All of which in order to help boost my career as a photographer and content creator.

Matt Baugh

Matt Baugh



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