The Decline of Person to Person Social Interaction

Generation Like” is a documentary brought to us through PBS Frontline. This documentary looks into the world of social media and how the “like” button has taken the world by storm. People have begun comparing their “self-worth” with the amount of “likes” they are able to get through their social media profiles. Because of this, and the ability to manipulate the populace through (social) media, the world has become dependent on the world of social media in order for them to feel better about themselves.

Not only have people become dependent on social media for their self-worth, they also feel that because others have easily become “famous” from sites such as YouTube and Instagram they can too. Because of this people have began exploiting themselves in order to reach their desired fame. Through this “fame” they are able to get the long wanted validation that they so desperately want. The need to be famous, to become a product, has been deeply embedded into us though marketing and the companies that control those markets.

Through social media, companies are able to track what is trending, what the hot thing for the moment is, through tracking what people are talking about. Not only that, companies are able to manipulate the conversation to what they want people talking about, in turn manipulating the people to what what they have to offer. Which in the long run is exactly what they want, they are trying to sell.

Social Media has become a monster in and of itself. In my opinion people have replaced real life person to person interaction  for social media. We are slowly losing the appeal of live social interaction, and people have become providers for products, a content producer for companies, without even knowing it. Whether this is a good or a bad thing, time will only tell. I just hope that we don’t completely lose ourselves in this social shuffle, and continue to venture outside and enjoy the world around us, not just our front room.


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By: Nicole Stoddard


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