Generation Like

I thought that the movie was very interesting and had a new take on today’s technology riddled generation. I liked the comparison of teens that heavily use social media and the Hunger Games. It shows that people are in a sense exploiting the youth to make a profit and for entertainment. The internet completely changed the way that advertisements and social media work. Tyler Oakley, a famous YouTuber talked about in the movie, makes a living creating YouTube videos. He gets paid from advertisements and even stars in videos with large production value made only for YouTube. You can really be a professional internet star/YouTuber as a job now and make a lot of money doing it; I think that is insane. It is a new kind of celebrity. I am sure that there are young kids who want to be YouTube stars when they grow up. I like that Tyler loves what he does and he has been doing it so so long before it was even making him money, but there are others who don’t seem to be as into it as him. For example, the young YouTuber near the end of the video seems like she is being exploited by her mother in hopes of gaining a following and making the family some money. She doesn’t seem to truly like what she does. Her mom sexualizes her and directs what she wears and what she posts on social media. It’s almost like social prostitution.


(Image Credit)

-Jacqueline Scheider


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