Generation Like: “Has Your Addiction Gone Too Far?”

Generation Like: “Has Your Addiction Gone Too Far?”

After watching this documentary, I have a unique stance about social media usage. First, we have to admit; 90-95% of us use technology every day. It’s a revolutionary feature. We want to feel accepted by our peers, boast about our accolades, and show the world what we’re doing second by second. As annoying as it is, it’s the unfortunate truth we now must live with in this generation (Generation Like). People request “shout outs” from random individuals due to their popularity; seeking the limelight that another individual has built up digitally themselves. A great percentage of folks believe that likes determine who is popular and who is not, and they even try to exchange likes with different people, musicians, businesses, etc. so that they become known. Here’s the real problem: although this is all “hip” to most people now, does it truly dictate how the world functions? Do digital accomplishments and social media popularity bring out the true self in any human? Are we becoming the man or the machine? The answer is an opinion, but I believe that humanity, combined with the internet, will travel at fast speeds into uncharted territory, and we must control it, or it will control us.

By Nate Woodward


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