Generation Like: Social Media Addication



How long can you go without Facebook?

While I was watching “Generation Like“, I completely agreed with the things that were being shared, but was really annoyed that that is how my generation is. I am 20, living on my own, taking care of two cats, going to school for 19 credits, and working 30 or more hours a week on top of that while maintaining an A in every class. I have to support myself in whatever I do and the fact that some people can’t spend more than an hour not on their social medias is a little sickening to me. The kids in this show were selling themselves short and in one case, their parent was too. When you spend that much time on social media, you become addicted, and only want and are able to communicate through those sites. In the fact of the girl with The Hunger Games, that girl was living in a fantasy and gained satisfaction completely through people who she didn’t know over the internet. It really scares me how attached kids are to all of the social medias because there is so much more to life then spending all day connecting to people through the internet. Now that iPhones and Tablets are around, you can bring your social medias everywhere with you which can pollute relationships and the purpose of getting out of the house. When I worked at a restaurant, I witnessed an older couple on their iPhones the whole lunch and barely looked up once or spoke to each other. That makes me sad because some people would rather be communicating to people on social medias for satisfaction to themselves versus being with someone in person and being about to communicate on a much deeper level. Social media can do lots of good in someone’s life and in this day in age, you need to be able to navigate through social medias for marketing purposes, but the way these kids were using just struck me as abusive.

By Haley Benjamin


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