LEVERAGE: The Lord and his serfs… Sound Familiar? By Jan Jackson



Leverage is using someone else’s resources, (their money, time, energy, skill, etc.,) to gain wealth.


For example: England in the middle ages was made up of manors – tightly ruled communities of peasants that were under the direction of their Lord, a nobleman, who ruled in a castle nearby. They provided the manual labor that worked the fields of the manor in return for protection by the Lord in the walls of his castle, if there was an attack by a rival manor. These peasants were called serfs and they served the Lord for their entire life; as did their children, and so on. They had no way of surviving on their own and relied entirely on the resources of the Lord’s land for food and shelter.  They paid for their survival by providing manual labor and the majority of the goods they harvested to the Lord. They had no possibility of ever owning land of their own. They had no other possibility of survival.


The Lords of the manors leveraged the lives of their serfs in order to gain riches. The serfs gave up their lives in order to have food to eat, shelters to live in and to be protected in the walls of the Lord’s castle.


Leveraging another person’s resources to gain wealth is a concept that has been used for many hundreds of years. It is still in use today in ‘modern America’.  We should all ask ourselves if we are if someone is leveraging us.  Are you being leveraged by someone else?




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