John Mayer!

I looked at John Mayer’s twitter, blog, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook. While I was going through his Twitter, I scrolled all the way down to look at his history and it only went back to 2012. In posts that I read, it looks like he deleted his Twitter account and then reactivated it in 2012 when he started posting again. He has also only had in Tumblr account for a short amount of time. He posts a lot of inspirational pictures that are mostly black and white. I have followed John Mayer for quite some time and I know that he is a very creative person in all of his efforts. He shows a lot of a persons heart, soul, and hurt within the pictures he takes. There are also pictures of things that were taken for his newest album and pictures of him and Katy Perry on New Years Eve. You can tell he has a very high volume camera because his pictures are incredible, have such high resolution, and really show a lot of emotion. It makes me feel like I was there with them and even made me smile because it looked like so much fun.

John Mayer has a lot of personal posts on all of his social sites. Things that he thinks, creative sayings that he likes or has come up with, or just random things. Reading all of his posts really makes you feel connected to him. You can tell that he is the one posting on his own Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts because all of his posts are personal and about his life and things that he is apart of. There are also promotional posts about how he was on SNL and invited people to come watch the episode. Some weaknesses are that I didn’t really understand some of his personal posts on Twitter because they were inside jokes or posts where you had to be there to understand what he was talking about. He also doesn’t talk about his tour or any concerts that he is putting on anywhere. I know that some celebrities or artists post about when and where their concert is going to be, or to get publicity, they tell people that they are going to “shop at Walmart”, so that fans could come and see them. He did add a post that he had been to Costco and it was hectic, but that was about it for fan to musician contact.

John Mayer has many social media accounts. Right now he is on a tour in Europe. The only reason why I know that is because I was looking to see if he was doing any concerts in Connecticut while I am visiting home. Other than that, there are no posts about his tour or anything about it. There were posts about being on SNL and being associated with Chick Corea. There are some frequencies between Twitter, his website, and Facebook. He also has links from his Tumblr to Instagram for some of the photos that he shares. For me, he doesn’t come across like a celebrity or a musician because he posts just like you and I. There was also a period in time where John Mayer left his Twitter account which is interesting. 

John Mayer is doing a lot, if not all of his posts on his social media sites except for the John Mayer website because it is a lot more formal and has a lot more depth to it. It may have ideas from John Mayer, but someone else is updating and writing on his website. His blogs on Tumblr are a bit more sophisticated, but for the most part, his Twitter and Facebook accounts are very informal, personal, emotionally connecting, and playful.

I would recommend that John Mayer add more about his career to his social media sites because more people want to know what he’s doing and where he is going to be playing. Also, his posts in general are a little complicated in the form that he writes which also makes me like him more because he is unique, different, and artistic. All in all, it doesn’t feel like he is a famous musician; it feels more like he is someone in my class at school or something because he doesn’t promote his concerts or a lot of anything else that he does. He posted a couple of things about SNL and Chick Corea, but he didn’t post them frequently throughout the week or month before these things were happening to give people awareness of it in order to follow him and see him on the SNL skit. I love John Mayer and I would have loved to have heard and seen more about this so that I could have seen it.

By: Haley Benjamin


I decided to do my case study on Blake Shelton, who is a famous country singer, and he’s also one of 4 (original) judges on the popular NBC television program “The Voice”. When I first saw Blake Shelton’s page upon arrival, I noticed that every one of his posts sound like a commercial, and there’s no first-person dialogue. For example, it’s obvious that Blake’s Facebook page is being run by someone such as his manager because the last FB post he made started out with “Let’s make Blake…”.

So instead of wasting time doing research, I decided to begin exploring Blake’s official website. It looks very professional, and has a banner, which indicates that he is currently being nominated for “Entertainer of the Year.” His site also features many different features on how his fans can connect to him with his show schedule, photos, merchandise, YouTube links, and news stories involving him.

When I accessed Web 2.0 Archive, and entered his site, I found 558 screenshot captures of his official webpage. The first recorded screenshot of his website was November 29th, 1999. However, there was nothing but broken links outlined in blue with a pitch black screen as the background, which didn’t help at all. As 2003 hit, his website started to take an incline; making the highest peak in 2006 (specifically in January). His website then goes on a steady decline, but between November 2007 to mid-March 2008, it completely drops. From my observation, it seems as if his website had no updates or changes that needed to be made to it. Then the frequency immediately skyrockets in 2008 (not as high as 2006), but then the screenshot captures take a heavy decline again; slowly building up overtime till it immediately stops currently (2014).

I’m assuming that there’s a correlation between Blake’s website traffic and the screenshots taken. Despite there being a fair amount of captures for (558), there’s no sign of first-person presence on his official website, which actually is really good for Blake because it shows and maintains a completely professional image.

Ever since Twitter started, however, it’s not only connected people’s “tweets” but it’s given them a voice, and boy, oh boy does Blake Shelton voice himself loud and proud. From cracking jokes to retweeting/interacting with fans, Twitter gives Blake Shelton a way to speak to his audience when he’s not in public, or he may just respond to people moments after a tough decision on “The Voice”.

Overall, I wouldn’t change really anything because he needs to have his voice, yet maintain a professional image on his other social websites. However, I would recommend putting his social “Connect” buttons at the top left of the site because people psychologically will look at that part of the site first since it’s natural to fans and curious traffickers. I think fans love him enough (7 million plus on Facebook), and ever since his debut on the Internet in 1999; he’s been on an incline despite the amount of screenshot captures from the Web 2.0 archive.


– By Nate Woodward


The famous person I decided to do my case study on is Yvonne Nelson. She is an African actress and movie producer and she acts in mostly Ghanaian and Nigerian movies. Very well known in the African Community, Yvonne has a very active social media presence. She has social media accounts which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Keek. Those are the well known ones. She also has a facebook fan page and an Instagram fan page. I believe that her Keek account, Twitter account and Instagram accounts are ran by her. I am not very sure about who runs her facebook pages. Her fan pages for sure are run by other people. She also has a personal website where fans are able to see all the other things she does apart from acting and producing. She own a fashion line and does a philanthropic work. Her fans are able to stay updated on what she has been up and are able to connect with her on a personal level. On her real facebook account, she invites fans to events she may be having, movie screenings and also auditions for her new movies. On her Twitter account, she also gives updates and sometimes, she posts the same statuses across these two platforms. Some of the pictures she posts on Instagram, she shares on facebook as well. Also, on occasion, her fans can find some of her keek videos on her facebook accounts. I follow her on all four social media accounts. The most personal of these accounts I think are Instagram and Keek. At the moment, she has 137,000 followers on Instagram, 265,000 followers on twitter, 40.5 K followers on Keek and 495,000 followers on facebook. The strengths of having these particular social media accounts is that she is able to reach more fans because these are the most common social media sites. She posts on all social media platforms at least once a week. That way, she does not keep her fans bored and wondering what she might be up to. She is able to connect with them on a different level especially on Keek. Keek is a social media platform that allows its users to make 30 second videos and share with others. Yvonne uses Keek frequently and invites her fans to respond to her videos by sending in their own video responses. She then goes ahead and responds to them whenever she is able to. Some of those videos are silly. She could be dancing, cooking, fooling around with other celebrities and stuff like that. Others videos are just to say hello to her fans whiles she is shooting. When I see these videos, I see her as a human being who does normal things and not a celebrity who is all the way up there. It makes her more likeable and I feel like most of her fans share the same sentiments and that helps them stay devoted to her because they feel that connection. She also uses these platforms to advertise her businesses, that way, the diehard fans who wants more than just her movies can also go buy clothes designed by hair and hair extensions sold by her stores. Her posts on these social media platforms are never vulgar or out to get someone. She stays positive and that makes her fans want to be around her more. When it comes to weaknesses, I cannot think of many but I feel like she could probably be a little more personal on facebook and twitter because she has more followers on those websites. I am not sure how personal a person can get on facebook and twitter though especially when that person is a celebrity. There are lot more people to talk to on there than there is on Instagram and Keek. By Gifty



Case Study #1 by Greg Christiansen

I will be writing this about someone whose works have helped me over the year.  His music made me want to follow him on twitter to see if he is really how it seems by his music.  I will be talking about David Draiman, the front man for the bands Disturbed and Device, and be focusing on his Twitter account.  It seems like he likes it because it is the easiest way for him to talk with his fans and share photos of his son.

He uses it to not only help spread the word about his bands recording music or touring, very little of his post are about those, but about social issues.  His post range from something a fan sent him, or he found himself, that makes him life all the way to political issues around the world.

He is always trying to get his followers to think for their selves.  Not to look at the news that is given to us but to find out why it is how it is.  He is not very bias when it comes to what news site he shares.  As long as the news story covers the topic he wants to share.  Be it a good article or a bad one and post saying why it is good or bad.

He currently only uses Twitter and does not use the other sites for fans.  There are many accounts on other sites that look ether to be private or fake.  The private looking ones are odd because most celebrities with private ones use fake names and the profile photo is never of them or something someone can link to them.  Because he is only on Twitter it makes it easy for fans to find him and know it is him.  It also keeps content from being the same in multiple spots.

The only person that runs his Twitter account full time is him.  There is nothing about what he posts or shares that make you think someone else is running it for him.  He has done rants, like the one he did when Rolling Stones but the Boston marathon bomber on their cover, that feels just like any other post he does on any topic.   This as a fan I enjoy.  I feel more like I am getting to know him and more than just a musician and it feels more personal.  You enjoy something you can let him know easily and it is easy for him to share with others if he enjoys it.

There is not a lot I would change about how he use’s Twitter, and the lack of other sites.  It is easy for him to use his phone to update people when he is on the road or at home with his family.  He can still enjoy his fan interaction daring his free time.

If you are a fan of his music, and the message it brings, then following him on twitter is a joy.  It does not feel like his message has changed between them.


-Greg Christiansen

Case Study #1

The subject I am analyzing is Westboro Baptist church. According to Wayback Machine, the first screenshot of their web page is January 16th, 1999. That is a lot earlier than I thought it would be, so it seems they figured out that they could gain attention and spread hate from using the web from early on. As time went on, they adapted into using web 2.0 and developing a higher quality website. They have also started using other social media sites as the web grew.

Their strength is that they have drawn a lot of attention to themselves through the use of the web. Before web 2.0, they could not have gotten themselves out there as much. It has really helped them spread their propaganda a lot more to the entire world. They do a good job getting attention for the things they post. Their weakness is that they are terrible people and the messages that they are spreading are horrible and literally everyone in the world hates them. Their other weakness is that they never have anything fresh to say, they have lost attention due to the fact that they have been saying the same thing over and over, and everyone has learned to tune them out.

WBC currently has a Twitter, Facebook, web 2.0 site, and a Google+. They use their platforms not as frequently as they used to. Probably because no one is listening to the things they say and no one cares anymore. We have learned to accept that they are ignorant and not give them attention. The have a lot of redundancy, they say the same message through all of their social media platforms. They do not tailor their material to the different sites. Their content is is consistent. Usually posts about their beliefs, where they are protesting next, how we all are going to hell, and occasionally a parody video of a pop song.

Their strategy of using web 2.0 is just to create as much attention as possible and have as many people as they can look at their material. As far as I know, there is a social media manager that posts most of their material. I also am under the impression that there are one or two leaders of the church that dictate the material that will be posted. Their social media is all their personal beliefs, and you can tell that the material is posted by therm. They do link to any other content usually, maybe they will like to a news story about themselves or a news study that they are bashing. They are carrying out this strategy by posting things to get attention. They post the same things on all of their used social media sites.

If I had to recommend WBC some pointers without sounding like a terrible person, they would be the following. The first thing would be to post more original content and post more often. People get bored of the same type of post/video. Changing it up could create more attention again. Another thing I would recommend would be creating a blog and letting people know what the WBC do day to day. People are interested in others’ personal lives. The last thing I would recommend is to make use of other social media outlets such as Instagram. More youth are using Instagram more than Facebook or other social media outlets now, it is a better way to get info out and broaden web 2.0 presence.  They could also reply to more people on social media. This would give them even more attention that are are now lacking.


Case Study #1 – Taelor Saxton

I chose to focus on Oprah Winfrey as my public figure, because I believe now more then ever she is choosing to use Web 2.0 to her advantage. Oprah currently has accounts on all of the following social sites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn (which I am not positive if this account is her own, not a fan account) and Google+ for O Magazine. She also has hundreds of Podcasts on iTunes.

Oprah posts quite regularly on each of these sites, using Twitter the most, posting several times a day; Facebook and Instagram about daily, and using the rest of her accounts less then once a month. Oprah does a great job of reaching out to her audience; she really makes them feel like they are with her where ever she goes. She uses Twitter to connect with her viewers on all of her shows on her own network, OWN. Oprah has podcasts for several different aspects of her viewer’s life’s like, the Relationship Channel, Money Channel, and Health and Wellness channel. To keep her audience connected to her, she creates her podcasts with some of her most loved advice givers like, Suzie Orman, Dr. Oz, and Dr. Berman.

It is very clear to see that when Oprah left her show in 2009, that she wanted to stay connected with all of her fans. Oprah obviously has social media managers to update her accounts, however, she is the one who regularly posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All of her accounts are very different in content. Out of the three I previously mentioned, I think her Facebook account is the one that she has her team keep updated, there are videos from her TV shows, and some of the links to her podcasts on iTunes. This account out of the three she tends to use the most feels the least “personal”. Oprah’s Twitter account is very personal and updated frequently. She is always posting things related to her shows, about her dogs, and about the products she endorses. On Sunday morning Oprah already had over 40 tweets for the day. Oprah posts on average about once a day on Instagram, the pictures are usually of her at home.

Oprah is clearly using all of her platforms as a place of product endorsement, and to advertise her “OWN” network. She has the most followers on Twitter, reaching almost 23.5 million. Which really tells us why she is posting there more then any other Web 2.0 account.

If I were a part of Oprah’s team I would post more frequently to Facebook, Facebook is her second leader in account followers at 9 million, however, this site feels less personal and more like a place for her to post her podcasts that we are already able to find in other places.

Oprah is doing a great job in connecting with her audience, and keeping “in touch” with some of her fans that have followed her since day one. She is posting the most where she has the most loyal followers, and using other Web 2.0 platforms as secondary sources for endorsing her products.