The famous person I decided to do my case study on is Yvonne Nelson. She is an African actress and movie producer and she acts in mostly Ghanaian and Nigerian movies. Very well known in the African Community, Yvonne has a very active social media presence. She has social media accounts which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Keek. Those are the well known ones. She also has a facebook fan page and an Instagram fan page. I believe that her Keek account, Twitter account and Instagram accounts are ran by her. I am not very sure about who runs her facebook pages. Her fan pages for sure are run by other people. She also has a personal website where fans are able to see all the other things she does apart from acting and producing. She own a fashion line and does a philanthropic work. Her fans are able to stay updated on what she has been up and are able to connect with her on a personal level. On her real facebook account, she invites fans to events she may be having, movie screenings and also auditions for her new movies. On her Twitter account, she also gives updates and sometimes, she posts the same statuses across these two platforms. Some of the pictures she posts on Instagram, she shares on facebook as well. Also, on occasion, her fans can find some of her keek videos on her facebook accounts. I follow her on all four social media accounts. The most personal of these accounts I think are Instagram and Keek. At the moment, she has 137,000 followers on Instagram, 265,000 followers on twitter, 40.5 K followers on Keek and 495,000 followers on facebook. The strengths of having these particular social media accounts is that she is able to reach more fans because these are the most common social media sites. She posts on all social media platforms at least once a week. That way, she does not keep her fans bored and wondering what she might be up to. She is able to connect with them on a different level especially on Keek. Keek is a social media platform that allows its users to make 30 second videos and share with others. Yvonne uses Keek frequently and invites her fans to respond to her videos by sending in their own video responses. She then goes ahead and responds to them whenever she is able to. Some of those videos are silly. She could be dancing, cooking, fooling around with other celebrities and stuff like that. Others videos are just to say hello to her fans whiles she is shooting. When I see these videos, I see her as a human being who does normal things and not a celebrity who is all the way up there. It makes her more likeable and I feel like most of her fans share the same sentiments and that helps them stay devoted to her because they feel that connection. She also uses these platforms to advertise her businesses, that way, the diehard fans who wants more than just her movies can also go buy clothes designed by hair and hair extensions sold by her stores. Her posts on these social media platforms are never vulgar or out to get someone. She stays positive and that makes her fans want to be around her more. When it comes to weaknesses, I cannot think of many but I feel like she could probably be a little more personal on facebook and twitter because she has more followers on those websites. I am not sure how personal a person can get on facebook and twitter though especially when that person is a celebrity. There are lot more people to talk to on there than there is on Instagram and Keek. By Gifty




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