Case Study #1 by Greg Christiansen

I will be writing this about someone whose works have helped me over the year.  His music made me want to follow him on twitter to see if he is really how it seems by his music.  I will be talking about David Draiman, the front man for the bands Disturbed and Device, and be focusing on his Twitter account.  It seems like he likes it because it is the easiest way for him to talk with his fans and share photos of his son.

He uses it to not only help spread the word about his bands recording music or touring, very little of his post are about those, but about social issues.  His post range from something a fan sent him, or he found himself, that makes him life all the way to political issues around the world.

He is always trying to get his followers to think for their selves.  Not to look at the news that is given to us but to find out why it is how it is.  He is not very bias when it comes to what news site he shares.  As long as the news story covers the topic he wants to share.  Be it a good article or a bad one and post saying why it is good or bad.

He currently only uses Twitter and does not use the other sites for fans.  There are many accounts on other sites that look ether to be private or fake.  The private looking ones are odd because most celebrities with private ones use fake names and the profile photo is never of them or something someone can link to them.  Because he is only on Twitter it makes it easy for fans to find him and know it is him.  It also keeps content from being the same in multiple spots.

The only person that runs his Twitter account full time is him.  There is nothing about what he posts or shares that make you think someone else is running it for him.  He has done rants, like the one he did when Rolling Stones but the Boston marathon bomber on their cover, that feels just like any other post he does on any topic.   This as a fan I enjoy.  I feel more like I am getting to know him and more than just a musician and it feels more personal.  You enjoy something you can let him know easily and it is easy for him to share with others if he enjoys it.

There is not a lot I would change about how he use’s Twitter, and the lack of other sites.  It is easy for him to use his phone to update people when he is on the road or at home with his family.  He can still enjoy his fan interaction daring his free time.

If you are a fan of his music, and the message it brings, then following him on twitter is a joy.  It does not feel like his message has changed between them.


-Greg Christiansen


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