Case Study #1

The subject I am analyzing is Westboro Baptist church. According to Wayback Machine, the first screenshot of their web page is January 16th, 1999. That is a lot earlier than I thought it would be, so it seems they figured out that they could gain attention and spread hate from using the web from early on. As time went on, they adapted into using web 2.0 and developing a higher quality website. They have also started using other social media sites as the web grew.

Their strength is that they have drawn a lot of attention to themselves through the use of the web. Before web 2.0, they could not have gotten themselves out there as much. It has really helped them spread their propaganda a lot more to the entire world. They do a good job getting attention for the things they post. Their weakness is that they are terrible people and the messages that they are spreading are horrible and literally everyone in the world hates them. Their other weakness is that they never have anything fresh to say, they have lost attention due to the fact that they have been saying the same thing over and over, and everyone has learned to tune them out.

WBC currently has a Twitter, Facebook, web 2.0 site, and a Google+. They use their platforms not as frequently as they used to. Probably because no one is listening to the things they say and no one cares anymore. We have learned to accept that they are ignorant and not give them attention. The have a lot of redundancy, they say the same message through all of their social media platforms. They do not tailor their material to the different sites. Their content is is consistent. Usually posts about their beliefs, where they are protesting next, how we all are going to hell, and occasionally a parody video of a pop song.

Their strategy of using web 2.0 is just to create as much attention as possible and have as many people as they can look at their material. As far as I know, there is a social media manager that posts most of their material. I also am under the impression that there are one or two leaders of the church that dictate the material that will be posted. Their social media is all their personal beliefs, and you can tell that the material is posted by therm. They do link to any other content usually, maybe they will like to a news story about themselves or a news study that they are bashing. They are carrying out this strategy by posting things to get attention. They post the same things on all of their used social media sites.

If I had to recommend WBC some pointers without sounding like a terrible person, they would be the following. The first thing would be to post more original content and post more often. People get bored of the same type of post/video. Changing it up could create more attention again. Another thing I would recommend would be creating a blog and letting people know what the WBC do day to day. People are interested in others’ personal lives. The last thing I would recommend is to make use of other social media outlets such as Instagram. More youth are using Instagram more than Facebook or other social media outlets now, it is a better way to get info out and broaden web 2.0 presence.  They could also reply to more people on social media. This would give them even more attention that are are now lacking.



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