I decided to do my case study on Blake Shelton, who is a famous country singer, and he’s also one of 4 (original) judges on the popular NBC television program “The Voice”. When I first saw Blake Shelton’s page upon arrival, I noticed that every one of his posts sound like a commercial, and there’s no first-person dialogue. For example, it’s obvious that Blake’s Facebook page is being run by someone such as his manager because the last FB post he made started out with “Let’s make Blake…”.

So instead of wasting time doing research, I decided to begin exploring Blake’s official website. It looks very professional, and has a banner, which indicates that he is currently being nominated for “Entertainer of the Year.” His site also features many different features on how his fans can connect to him with his show schedule, photos, merchandise, YouTube links, and news stories involving him.

When I accessed Web 2.0 Archive, and entered his site, I found 558 screenshot captures of his official webpage. The first recorded screenshot of his website was November 29th, 1999. However, there was nothing but broken links outlined in blue with a pitch black screen as the background, which didn’t help at all. As 2003 hit, his website started to take an incline; making the highest peak in 2006 (specifically in January). His website then goes on a steady decline, but between November 2007 to mid-March 2008, it completely drops. From my observation, it seems as if his website had no updates or changes that needed to be made to it. Then the frequency immediately skyrockets in 2008 (not as high as 2006), but then the screenshot captures take a heavy decline again; slowly building up overtime till it immediately stops currently (2014).

I’m assuming that there’s a correlation between Blake’s website traffic and the screenshots taken. Despite there being a fair amount of captures for (558), there’s no sign of first-person presence on his official website, which actually is really good for Blake because it shows and maintains a completely professional image.

Ever since Twitter started, however, it’s not only connected people’s “tweets” but it’s given them a voice, and boy, oh boy does Blake Shelton voice himself loud and proud. From cracking jokes to retweeting/interacting with fans, Twitter gives Blake Shelton a way to speak to his audience when he’s not in public, or he may just respond to people moments after a tough decision on “The Voice”.

Overall, I wouldn’t change really anything because he needs to have his voice, yet maintain a professional image on his other social websites. However, I would recommend putting his social “Connect” buttons at the top left of the site because people psychologically will look at that part of the site first since it’s natural to fans and curious traffickers. I think fans love him enough (7 million plus on Facebook), and ever since his debut on the Internet in 1999; he’s been on an incline despite the amount of screenshot captures from the Web 2.0 archive.


– By Nate Woodward

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