John Mayer!

I looked at John Mayer’s twitter, blog, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook. While I was going through his Twitter, I scrolled all the way down to look at his history and it only went back to 2012. In posts that I read, it looks like he deleted his Twitter account and then reactivated it in 2012 when he started posting again. He has also only had in Tumblr account for a short amount of time. He posts a lot of inspirational pictures that are mostly black and white. I have followed John Mayer for quite some time and I know that he is a very creative person in all of his efforts. He shows a lot of a persons heart, soul, and hurt within the pictures he takes. There are also pictures of things that were taken for his newest album and pictures of him and Katy Perry on New Years Eve. You can tell he has a very high volume camera because his pictures are incredible, have such high resolution, and really show a lot of emotion. It makes me feel like I was there with them and even made me smile because it looked like so much fun.

John Mayer has a lot of personal posts on all of his social sites. Things that he thinks, creative sayings that he likes or has come up with, or just random things. Reading all of his posts really makes you feel connected to him. You can tell that he is the one posting on his own Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr accounts because all of his posts are personal and about his life and things that he is apart of. There are also promotional posts about how he was on SNL and invited people to come watch the episode. Some weaknesses are that I didn’t really understand some of his personal posts on Twitter because they were inside jokes or posts where you had to be there to understand what he was talking about. He also doesn’t talk about his tour or any concerts that he is putting on anywhere. I know that some celebrities or artists post about when and where their concert is going to be, or to get publicity, they tell people that they are going to “shop at Walmart”, so that fans could come and see them. He did add a post that he had been to Costco and it was hectic, but that was about it for fan to musician contact.

John Mayer has many social media accounts. Right now he is on a tour in Europe. The only reason why I know that is because I was looking to see if he was doing any concerts in Connecticut while I am visiting home. Other than that, there are no posts about his tour or anything about it. There were posts about being on SNL and being associated with Chick Corea. There are some frequencies between Twitter, his website, and Facebook. He also has links from his Tumblr to Instagram for some of the photos that he shares. For me, he doesn’t come across like a celebrity or a musician because he posts just like you and I. There was also a period in time where John Mayer left his Twitter account which is interesting. 

John Mayer is doing a lot, if not all of his posts on his social media sites except for the John Mayer website because it is a lot more formal and has a lot more depth to it. It may have ideas from John Mayer, but someone else is updating and writing on his website. His blogs on Tumblr are a bit more sophisticated, but for the most part, his Twitter and Facebook accounts are very informal, personal, emotionally connecting, and playful.

I would recommend that John Mayer add more about his career to his social media sites because more people want to know what he’s doing and where he is going to be playing. Also, his posts in general are a little complicated in the form that he writes which also makes me like him more because he is unique, different, and artistic. All in all, it doesn’t feel like he is a famous musician; it feels more like he is someone in my class at school or something because he doesn’t promote his concerts or a lot of anything else that he does. He posted a couple of things about SNL and Chick Corea, but he didn’t post them frequently throughout the week or month before these things were happening to give people awareness of it in order to follow him and see him on the SNL skit. I love John Mayer and I would have loved to have heard and seen more about this so that I could have seen it.

By: Haley Benjamin


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