Ellen DeGeneres.

Comm 2400. Jan Jackson. Case Study 1
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Ellen DeGeneres

To better understand the phenomenon of social media in our modern culture we can look to the understanding of the ancient Chinese. They have a saying:
“Emotions are like water, they flow to the place of least resistance
and take on the shape of what contains them.”
Social Media is a modern day container for the emotions that flow inside each of us. We are drawn to the sites that our emotions can flow thru with the least amount of resistance. Smart strategists observe this reality and construct tactics that tap into the strength of it. Emotion, then, is the driving force behind sharing information in social media today.

Ellen 3

Ellen DeGeneres has created a powerful container for emotion that is, crazily, popular. Today her Facebook page has 4,023,129 ‘Likes’. Her Twitter account boasted 28,221,186 ‘Followers’. She made history when her Oscar ‘selfie’ was re-Tweeted so many times- 3,424,431 re-Tweets – it shut down the Twitter server. The Ellen Channel on YouTube has 8,891,482 subscribers. On Instagram she has 4,641,797 followers. Ellen’s Pinterest site boasts 364,745 followers with her many pins and boards she posts. Her iTunes podcasts are 5 star customer rated in audio and video downloads, available three times weekly. She maintains a blog, through EllensBlog at EllenTV.com, called Ellen’s Healthy Living, where subscribers can comment and send suggestions. She has three apps for iPhone, iPad, Android users: Ellen (The Ellen show app), Head’s Up (game app), Ellen’s Know or Go (game app). She is also in Google Plus communities with 2,000 followers in several community fan clubs and 4,000 views daily. Yelp shows her presence with 84 – 4/5 star reviews.

There is no question that Ellen’s strategy has been to tap into the emotions of her audience and continue to provide them with an easily assessable and constant stream of fun. Ellen’s fans comment that she is easy to relate to, loved and appreciated for her clean and clever comedic approach to everyday life. To quote her, “ I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you’d want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values. That’s what I stand for. I also believe in dance.” She is easy to connect with because her entertainment is funny and full of cats, kids, babies and all kinds of pets: things we all love and enjoy. With Ellen, it really is a down-to-earth good time and a break from the difficulties of life. Her kind of fun and laughter give her audiences the emotional lift that they crave and the ability to connect with her through comments, posts, likes, 1+’s in all of their favorite social media. Ellen has created an emotional relationship, thru laughter, with everyone who subscribes follows and comments with her. She is there when you need an emotional lift.

Ellen’s proliferation through social media is a product of exceptional planning and teamwork by her managers, ICM Partners , Inc.; her personal publicist Kelly Bush of Id-pr; and her show’s publicist, Laura Danford Mandel, Senior Vice President of Telepictures. These teams consist of professional marketers who put together and manage the social media communications of Ellen with her input and direction. They work every day to update her social media streams to reflect the funny and relatable Ellen brand. With them, she is able to easily entice us to laugh with her, sigh and share with her our comments and information. Ellen really does bring happiness and an emotional lift to her audience. Her strategy is as old as the Chinese proverbs and still works, very well, today.

Ellen 4

Ellen 2

Ellen 5


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