Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on Keek

I am part of a social website named Keek where you can post 30 second videos of whatever you want to. I have noticed that it is not as famous as Facebook or Instagram or twitter so i figured i would use this opportunity to talk a little about it. As I read through their privacy policy, I learned some things that I never knew of. Its says that you can join when you are 13 and if you are 13 and  a minor, you need parental consent. Is there a part of the world where a 13 year old is not a minor? That was a little confusing to me. They also like many other social media sites say they will not sell your personal information without your explicit consent. In some cases when it is required by the law, they may have to do it whether you give them consent or not. Another interesting thing I learned reading this was that they look at what webpage you visit before theirs and what webpage you go to afterwards,your IP address and your location  to track what you like to do.  They say they use this information to “do internal research on our Users’ demographics, interests and behavior to better understand, protect and serve you and our community” And that if you deactivate your account, your personal information remain in backup copies and logs for up to 120 days. Also once you deactivate your account, it cannot be reversed. Their terms of service are  good and what every user should expect. They demand respect from users towards each other, and also not posting of explicit material in the videos and comments. Another thing that was interesting to me again was how they said they work closely with law enforcement people and will take the necessary action if they find any thing that goes against the law. You can also report and under-aged person if you have evidence and they have a  check off list for that. Pretty interesting information.  This information was all a little new to me as I never take the chance to read these policies and terms of service before signing up for a social media site as bad as it may sound. I definitely need to do better.


Gifty P Boateng


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