Facebook Terms and Services

As web 2.0 has developed, and social media sites become more prevalent in our lives, we all fail to read the fine print that comes along with these sites. Our information is being shared, and security is a constant threat. But how are we kept safe from these sites that we have become so used to using on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.

Facebook being one of the most prevalent sites used today offers options for not only themselves but for us to. As far as privacy settings go, you are mostly able to control what is seen by the world. Going into settings and clicking on privacy you are able to change individual settings, such as “Who can see my stuff?” and “Who can contact me?”. Here you have choices like having everyone able to see your profile, friends, friends of friends, and just me. Here you can limit what and who is viewing your profile. Even with setting these preferences you still have companies and Facebook itself are able to view what you are viewing, this is said to by Facebook improve your experience on their site by personalizing advertisements and certain aspects of what you view on Facebook.

As far as security goes, Facebook has many etiquette policies. If anyone is being harassed or anything of that nature on Facebook, they ask that you report these incidences to Facebook. From here they will take care of it. Also, if you have concerns that your profile has been compromised you can contact Facebook. They will help you get everything taken care of. They also send emails to the user if any changes have been made to your profile. If it was not you who made the changes you are able access everything from that email and make the necessary changes to re-secure your profile.

Facebook goes through measures to not only protect their users, but to also “improve” their experiences. How far they are willing to infiltrate into our profiles is still unseen, but only time will tell what they are willing to do to “improve” our social media experiences.



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