I chose Facebook because it is the only account I chose to have.

Looking at the Terms of Use was very shocking to me. They claim that all of the content that you share is considered yours; you own that content. There are a lot of other sites that use your pictures whenever they want without giving credit to the person who posted it and deserves it. Let me be honest here, no one really ever looks at the Terms of Use of the Privacy Policy when they are signing up for a social media site. In this aspect, you are not doing yourself justice because you signed up for the site which means you would have had to agree to all of the terms. People don’t realize how much the social media sites control your content until you see your picture and your face on an ad or commercial. Facebook lets you know right on their website that they try their best to keep you and your content safe, but they cannot necessarily guarantee that that is going to happen. Most of the time, the information that you provide on the site, like status’s and enabling your location, is what gets people in trouble. They address the fact that you cannot be under 13 and have a Facebook account, you cannot be a sex offender, you cannot create more than one personal account, you must keep your information accurate and up to date, and you cannot transfer accounts to anyone without written permission from them. This is funny because when you sign up for Facebook, they don’t check up on any of these things. Yes, they ask you questions to make sure that you are old enough and what not, but kids are good liars and like to lie. There are also many people who don’t want to provide accurate or current information because of people out there that might misuse it (not Facebook necessarily, but other people out there on Facebook). This is a big issue with ‘Cat Fishing’. With all of this being said, Facebook is very clear and concise on all levels or their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I looked at the Privacy Policy and was also very surprising to me because of how little information they give out. Facebook only uses the information that you provide to them. You are the one that chooses whether or not you want to provide the information. If you don’t want to provide an email or phone number to sign up, then you should not be an account holder with Facebook. Other than that, you choose if you want to include your hometown, birthday, and location services. They provide any information you give to their advertisers and the people who provide games for Facebook. They also use the information you provide for tests and analysis to see if their advertisements are working or what they could do better. In terms of information that your friends provide, it is up to you to untag your picture or information if you don’t want that to be seen. Facebook also keeps all of your information until you delete or deactivate your account with them. Facebook uses your likes and clicks to suggest different or other things that you might like that are related to the things that you have clicked or liked in the past. Any information that they do use, like pictures, they delete any kind of information that would allow people to know who you are or where you are. In all, it is creepy in every social media site because they are monitoring you and your activity, but compared to other sites I have researched, Facebook is the one I feel the most comfortable with to keep my information private and secure.

By: Haley Benjamin


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