Case Study #1 – God

I have chosen to do my case study on God. Don’t bother rereading that statement, you read it correctly the first time. How has God used Web 2.0 and all of its social media awesomeness to make a name for himself. God has a Facebook, Twitter, and a blog. It is actually an unknown (or at least unknown to me) comedian who runs the accounts.

Let’s start with Facebook. God has had an account on Facebook since 2011. He has over 1.5million followers. His page is part comedian part social activist. His content is very interactive. He often posts asking his followers what they think. For example he has smite day. He asks who his followers would like to see smotd. At the end of the day he posts a picture and explanation of who he smote. He is even known to answer personal messages and posts to his page. Sometimes posting the interaction in an effort to either gain support for the person sending the message. Like some who have sent him messages regarding personal struggles they are having.


Or he’ll post the interaction to condemn the person who sent it. The negative personal messages are people who are offended by the page often asking him to remove it. He is a comedian after all, and his response is similar to that of a comedian being heckled in a club. He puts it right back on them.


His Twitter account is slightly less interactive. He only has 58k followers. He will still post questions about how people feel or who he should smite. It is not exactly the same content as his Facebook page, but it is still humorous and socially driven.

He also has an Instagram account. Has the least number of followers at only 13k. His pictures are the comical memes that are posted on his Facebook account. He does vary the content slightly. There are memes on Instragram that have not yet been posted to Facebook.  

Finally, he also has a blog/newsletter that he posts weekly updates. This is a new item for him. Having only 3 posts. So far the website is not impressive. It doesn’t have the “God” feel that he has made his other accounts. His newsletter is basically a recap of what has been posted on the 3 previously mentioned social media pages. While I’m disappointed in the content of the website, I understand that it came about as an additional way for his followers to keep up with him. While the pages are humorous he is also turning a profit, selling t-shirts and other God branded items on his page.




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