Generation Like

Generation Like,

I don’t know whether to be disheartened or intrigued with the information from this documentary. So I will apologize ahead of time if I sound like a downer.

The way that consumerism mentality has spread via social media reminds me of an infectious disease in some ways.

Getting fans involved in endorsing products is a brilliant strategy.

Media and the secretive moguls that own media are finding ways to finagle free labor via contests or product endorsements from insecure children and adults with addictive personalities. These companies employ researchers to find the most profitable way to enhance their product through the weak and vulnerable.

The numbers are the only thing that matter. Quality or conscience are of no value. Only number of “likes”. Naive kids spend an average of 10 hours a day exposed to media. For many most of their free time is spent trying to be “liked”. I feel this makes them vulnerable on so many levels. They count on these social media tools and “friends” to help them know who they are. They are a consumer, not a person in the eyes of these company’s. It’s business, not personal. But they have somehow created a social media “feeling” that it is personal with these kids. It can be fun and addictive for many kids to get positive reinforcement or self worth through “likes”.

The fact that these kids don’t even know what “sell out” means is proof enough that media has excelled in erasing the negative connotations with becoming a “BRANDED CONSUMER”.Every time I think of brands I think of branding cattle.That is what this type of social media is to me.

Its smoke and mirrors.

The corporations recently deemed people profit without boundaries and continue to white wash their lack of contribution to the majority of their naive fans or consumers. These corporations don’t pay taxes, employ lobbyists that payoff our politicians to create laws that support mainstream cheap, gmo, junk food, pill popping, celebrity idol worshiping tabloids, Koch Brothers products that perpetuate the very things that are killing its fans.

By Terry Jackson Mitchell

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