Facebook, Google, and Amazon…Oh my!

By KellieAnn Halvorsen

SM/Web 2.0 Involvement and Assessment.

  1. What types of SM/Web 2.0 do you engage in. These may include any websites (blogs,wikis) that you maintain or engage with on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. What Social Media sites that you have a presence on (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

I am an avid Google account user, while avoiding Google+. I have my email, documents, school notes, collaborated documents, calendars and blog set up through their system. I also check news online several times day through Google news as well as local news channel KSL. I am on Facebook about 4 times a day to check up on friends and post about three times a week, multiple times a day if I am doing a play. I randomly check my Pinterest account but other then that I don’t participate in many of other social sites, even if I  have an account set up.

I visit Amazon almost daily to buy, browse, get a book/comic for my kindle, and watch streaming videos. I also use my netflix account on an almost daily basis. I also manage several pages that through homestead Technologies that I update about once a month.

  1. How often do you engage or interact on these sites. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.

Google almost hourly. News feeds twice a day, I have been known to share interesting stories a couple times a week. Facebook about 4 times a day via phone and computer. Amazon daily, seldomly leaving reviews. My websites I update about once every a month or so, more for the community theater one.

  1. Do you find that you have different habits on each Web 2.0/SM site? Do you engage differently on blogs than you do on Facebook?

I am more prone to interact with facebook then I am with other sites as I am comfortable with who will see my posts and I feel it expresses your individuality more. When I find a product or show on Amazon that I feel strongly about i will review it. But some when browsing news sites or blogs I am not one to put my two cents in.

  1. What are your reasons for using SM/Web 2.0? Social involvement, community activity, information sharing?

I primarily use Facebook as my online social tool because it is so universal and it includes almost everything I could want to share as an option. I use It not only to socialize with close friends and family, but to keep in touch with old high school friends and mission companions. I  manage several pages including my own massage business page, my book’s page, and my local community theater’s page. I use it to post statuses, events, pictures, videos, to message and even advertise. It is a wonderful tool for community involvement! For information sharing I primarily use Google email and Google Docs. Like I mentioned before I also use Facebook and manage my websites for  more stagnant information sharing.

  1. What would you like to see change about SM/Web 2.0? More ease of sharing? Easier development?

My biggest concern online at the moment is privacy. Every week I read stories about people’s lives being devastated by hackers and such. I would love for the web to be stronger with its security measures and information protection. Sometimes it scares me to think how much of “me” is floating out on the web and I would sleep better at night if that was kept safer and I had more control over what was out there in the first place.

  1. Are there parts of Web 2.0/SM that you don’t or will not use? Why?

I have had an aversion to having accounts in multiple social sites. I have facebook already and am connected with the people I want to be connected with, I feel I don’t need other sites to share photos, I have facebook for that. Other sites to posts statuses, I have facebook for that. Other sites to post events, I have facebook for that. But everyday the pressure grows more and more to expand my social presence online, including from this class.


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