The Joys of Social Media and the Web

I am one who enjoyed music a lot, and I like to read news about things that are going on in the music industry. Because elf that I like to visit a lot of sites like NPR on music, Alternative Press, Billboard, Rolling Stone, etc. I am also always going on to wikipedia to read biographies and discographies of artists that I listen to. One thing that I really like is going onto websites that do live in studio videos of bands playing like Audio Tree Live or KEXP. 

I am more of one who consumes the posts that are on social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. The only one that I post more often than the others would be Instagram. I have more of a presence on there than any other social media site, but that’s still not the biggest presence either. But even with that, when yo post something on Instagram you can post on Facebook and twitter as well, which I usually do because I have different friends on each site. I don’t ever get on these sites on my computer, but mostly on my phone. And I’ll get on and check them maybe twice a day, once in the morning and then at night when I’m going to bed. I do feel like I have different habits between each social media site, because I don’t really post things and interact that much. The only thing I do different is I’ll post lyrics to songs I like on twitter more than other social media sites.

I like using social media and web 2.0 because I like to keep updated with whats going on locally, but mainly to see what’s happening in my friends’ lives around the world. I also follow a lot of bands and things that have to do with music, and social media is one of the best ways to get good news of whats happening in the music business because it’s usually straight from the band. At least it is with the bands I listen to because they are mostly underground and don’t pay someone to post for them.  

There’s not really anything that I would like changed about social media and web 2.0. I’m quite simple and don’t get to rapped up in SM and stuff on the web. As long as it works good and fast I’m happy. 

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