SM/Web 2.0 Assignment by Brian Peters

1. What types of SM/Web 2.0 do you engage in. These may include any websites (blogs,wikis) that you maintain or engage with on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. What Social Media sites that you have a presence on (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)

Blogs – (Use this website to find new and current music.) 

   (Use mainly to find missing album artwork for my music, playlists, etc.)

Wikis – (Use this wiki when playing Batman Arkham Asylum on my PS3)

Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Yahoo, Soundwave, Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, Badoo, and Tumblr.

     2. How often do you engage or interact on these sites. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.

When it comes to using the 2 blogs I’ve listed, I use them both on a daily basis because I am always updating my music, playlists and adding/changing the album artwork as well. I use the wiki for the Batman Arkham Asylum game that I had recently purchased like every other week because that seems to be the only time I can play due to my busy school and work schedule. As for Wikipedia, I use the website/app almost every day. I use Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Soundwave, Soundcloud, Spotify and Instagram all on an hourly basis, where as Yahoo, Twitter, Badoo and Tumblr I engage all on a weekly basis.

     3. Do you find that you have different habits on each Web 2.0/SM site? Do you engage differently on blogs than you do on Facebook?

I’ve noticed that I do engage differently on certain Social Media sites, like for example, Facebook I will usually only engage with my friends and family whether it be sharing a news story, uploading a photo/video, etc. My Instagram account I primarily use as a music/photo collaboration, and as for my Twitter account I use it as a journal or pretty much to express my most inner feelings because there are some things that I do share on Twitter about myself that I don’t on Facebook. 

     4. What are your reasons for using SM/Web 2.0? Social involvement, community activity, information sharing?

My primary reason for using any of the Social Media sites that I have a presence on are due to the fact that I want to have a certain connection with the friends that I have made or have had even before Social Media became so overly popular. I also like to know what is happening around me, so staying informed on current events/happenings/gossip all of the above. Also because there is just something about expressing myself through Social Media that I sometimes can’t bring myself to do in person. 

     5. What would you like to see change about SM/Web 2.0? More ease of sharing? Easier development? 

What I would definitely like to see change in SM/Web 2.0 is more security/privacy, I don’t like having to change my passwords every so often because someone is trying to hack into my account. 

     6. Are there parts of Web 2.0/SM that you don’t or will not use? Why?

I don’t really use the location features because there are some people I know that I don’t want to ‘bump’ into or to have them knowing where I am going to be. Yes there are a few times where I’ll check into a place but it’ll be after I have left that place if that makes any sense? I don’t think I’ll ever use the integration or profile syncing features most apps/sites have because I feel that for the most part they all want you to sync up with Facebook, and that is something that I don’t feel is necessary.


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