SM/Web 2.0 Assessment Post

I don’t know if this is the right place to post. It does not feel right, and I see all sorts of posts that have nothing to do with the COMM 2400 course.

by Michael Hawker

SM/Web 2.0 Involvement and Assessment.

What types of SM/Web 2.0 do you engage in? These may include any websites (blogs,wikis) that you maintain or engage with on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. What Social Media sites that you have a presence on (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)?

I often visit, a blog site on the topics of organic architecture, Frank Lloyd Wright, and prairie style architecture, featuring news, updates, etc. of interest. In the past, I’ve posted comments on topic threads in the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy website, but I would not consider this site a blog. Facebook and LinkedIn are two social media/networking sites I have a presence on, but I visit them once a week at most. Twitter I joined in June, but have never used it. Google+ I joined a few years ago and never use it. And now…I’m signed into Reddit and Pinterest. May not ever use them either.


How often do you engage or interact on these sites? Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly?

The social networking sites I rarely find time to visit and/or post. On occasion I “like” things in Facebook or send small replies. My reason for not engaging is simple: I’m very busy between school and work, and so the social networking lifestyle is not a priority. If my business were active, social networking would become a higher priority in my life.


Do you find that you have different habits on each Web 2.0/SM site? Do you engage differently on blogs than you do on Facebook?

I do not engage in blogs. A couple years ago, I started one that has much promise, but finding time to post is never present. In time, that blog will find its place in my life. On very rare occasion, I will post a comment on Facebook is about “friends” for me, so my interest is purely personal. If I were marketing my business, my degree of engagement would change dramatically.

What are your reasons for using SM/Web 2.0? Social involvement, community activity, information sharing?

My only reason is just to stay somewhat in tune or informed with friends. Because of time constraints, I am not posting or sharing much these days. If, and when, my business becomes active again, Web 2.0 involvement will increase.

What would you like to see change about SM/Web 2.0? More ease of sharing? Easier development?

Eliminate ALL sidebar advertisements, data mining, and pop-up displays to entice my clicking. I find it most annoying especially when it tends to enlarge and overtake my screen for no reason. Eliminate the yay-hoos that can somehow ask me to friend them, etc. Eliminate all Farmville, and other time-wasting games. I would like to see a site that is 100% honest and authentic, but that will never happen.

Are there parts of Web 2.0/SM that you don’t or will not use? Why?

I don’t have time for games and trivial crap. Perhaps that is why sites such as Pinterest or Instagram do not appeal to me. My time constraints are very limiting and so my level of engagement is ruled by that element.


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