2.0 Scores 76% Increase

In a brief Technorati marketing study, Andre Bourque writes about how the Cloud can improve business-to-business marketing conversions in the article, B2B Inbound Marketing Study: Cloud company sees 76% increase in conversions.

As a self-acclaimed “social marketing fella,” Bourque’s article offers a rich overview that largely features interactive, multimedia communications over text, which I think reflects our 2.0 environment in general. I also believe the very idea of “social marketing” is a bi-product of 2.0.

Since a 76% increase is likely to capture any business-minded person’s attention, let the summary continue.

Bourque tells a tale of a Cloud security provider, FortyCloud’s online marketing scheme that generated inbound traffic by writing detailed security related content.


However, FortyCloud was not converting (when a potential customer “signs on the dotted line,” buys something or responds favorably to an ad) enough anonymous site visitors into “leads” using a blend of premium and standard content, requiring contact information input.


A 2.0 kind of company, FortyCloud, sought to increase conversion and engagement with those anonymous site visitors. Hoping to enhance their ROI (Return on Investment) FortyCloud chose BrightInfo, a 2.0 content recommendation and engagement engine to capture the errant stragglers, and it worked.

BrightInfo’s targeting algorithm (i.e., a filter used to reach consumers based on their traits and behaviors) “helped FortyCloud automatically recommend and serve up the most relevant available content to anonymous visitors.”

In the final outcome, Web 2.0 experience and ingenuity decreased FortyCloud’s bounce rate while content consumption increased.

Bourque advises that, typical B2B landing pages experience up-to 90% bounce rate, while converting only 1-4% of visitors. But with BrightInfo, customers achieve 6% higher click-through-rate on their landing pages and boost leads.

Important to note here is that an online company engaged users by giving them more 2.0 control, freedom and choices to make their own decisions relevant to why they were there in the first place.

Thanks for the heads-up, Andre!


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