Making Friends With MyFitnessPal

By KellieAnn Halvorsen


MyFitnessPal has become the go to app and website for individuals tracking their health and diet. It incorporates many web 2.0 elements in both it’s smartphone app and it’s web version including a critical social aspect that can help an individual stay on the path of good health through positive peer pressure.In’s article “What Can Fitness Apps Do For You? An Interview With Albert Lee,” Jill Duffy interviews the co-founder of the site in an effort to discover why the app has become so popular and how it is different from other fitness apps on the market.

The article begins with a basic overview of the growing digital health tracking industry, what MyFitnessPal is in that niche, the companies history, and who Albert Lee is in the company. The article is done in interview form with Duffy asking the questions and Lee providing the answers with little to no embellishments. They discuss where MyFitnessPal has gotten things right such as its massive amount of stored data (over 4 million foods calories and nutritional information has been stored in their system), the fact that their service has been integrated in so many different platforms and devices, and the crucial social component that has lead to the products success.

Over the course of the conversation they talk about competitors in the market, the future of the product/service, as well as health education and social outcomes of  people actually using the product. It is in interesting article on how niche market can lead to a popular success, not just for its creators, but the users of the product. Lee finishes the interview with this observation about the digital health industry as a whole, “One thing we’ve always believed is that digital health isn’t a niche segment. It’s really the future of health”


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