“Kids All Want Fans”

Generaiton Like_FRONTLINE

“Kids All Want Fans”
By Abraham T. a.k.a. studioWord

The Frontline documentary, Generation Like, conjures definitions of social media “likes,” that identity and empower an online generation while earning “zillions” for corporate enterprise.

Watching Frontline’s, Generation Like, I became increasingly aware of the colorful idioms that defined social media as an experience of both value and identity.

What follows is a rushkoff_digitalnationchronological epistle, written in the expressions, statements and liners from the film.

With more than 20 years of books and classes between them, Frontline’s Frank Koughan and Douglas Rushkoff wove a tale of “Digital revolution,” that asks, “Are we asking the wrong questions about Social Media?

The finalefrank-koughan1 is up to YOU.

“Professional fans create fans of their own” (e.g. Tyler Oakley.) Generaiton Like 3

“Profound content speaks”

“Advertising turns likes into goals.”
“Forget followers, and worry about money”

“Merchants of cool, MTV grew rich on exploiting kids, chasing them down and selling their culture back to them.”


“A Profile pic is visualization”

“The more likes, the better you feel – it’s instant gratification”

“You are what you like”

“Franchise enchantment

“Companies reinvent themselves in terms of consumer communication”

GenerationLike 6“Virtual validation”

“My life online”

“Subscriber confidence”

GenerationLike 1

“Social media obsession”

All about it business…”

“No point in not wanting to rise together”

“Instagram is what she uses”

Like is part of who they are.”

“Content speaks data numbers”

“Currency of likes”

“A volume of like that doesn’t generate itself, is why they want us online as much as possible”

“Promotional participation”

Engagement worth billions.”

“The audience”

“Build and leverage social network”

“Marketing plan crucial”

“Brand support from Ford to Adidas, to The Young and Reckless

Funded art”

Generaiton Like 4Generaiton Like 5
“There’s no difference between brand and your best friend”

“Controlled brushfire”

“Consumer marketer gets the message across”

“Economy of likes”

“Genuine integration”

“Bought the next generation”

“Happy in the moment”

“Don’t know, or want to know”

“Identity through junk food”

Rewards moments”

“Serendipity by design

“Manipulators of social like in place of community?”

“Kids all want fans”

No sponsorship without a zillion hits”

“Pitch behind the scene”

“Fame by association as we pursue the Paradox of Like”

A generation of like means,“the Sky’s the limit for commercial culture”


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