RSS Feeds

I have never used RSS feeds before but for this assignment I recently started using the RSS Feed Reader as an extension on Google’s Chrome browser. So far I’ve subscribed to Vogue Fashion, Radio West, and New York Times Technology. I’m going to use the feed for a while to see how it works out, I like the idea of having easy access to topics I find interesting in one spot.

– Lauren Gutierrez

Nerdly Feeds

By KellieAnn Halvorsen I am brand new to RSS feeds, but am already enjoying using them this week. I have been exploring my favorite fan sites and news sites searching for an RSS feed that would hold my attention. I found a RSS feed extension for Chrome that is simple enough for a newbie like me, the Feeder extension. Here are the nerdy things I have been following. The Disney Parks Blog for the latest official news from my favorite place (places on earth),  My favorite online radio station where you can request and play your favorite Disney Theme Park audio. And finally the website for my local nerdliness loves

My Top 3 RSS Feeds

index Feedly has been one of the most used applications on my cell phone for the last year. It is by far my favorite RSS reader and is the easiest and most accessible that I have found this far. I visit this app and refresh it multiple times per day to see new content. Below are the top 3 blogs I have subscribed to through this reader and and use and read content from daily. Simply Recipes This blog is one of my all time favorites. They post yummy and easy to make recipes that go along with the holidays or the season. NPR NPR is a blog that I find myself following and updating almost hourly. I love that I have the option to have any type of news directly in front of me on my phone or laptop whenever I want or need it. 500px This is by far my favorite photography blog, they feature and post incredible photos everyday.




Share 3 of your favorite RSS feeds and provide links to the subscription feeds.

Since I really haven’t yet established RSS favorites, I’ve explored a bit and borrowed suggestions from a Quizmo’s, September 2014 Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator.

As we were on topic about Podcasts, have a look at, Juice.

Juice’s collects and manages audio content (podcasts), capable of supporting many media players directly. According to Juice, if you want to listen to Internet audio programs but can’t when they are scheduled, Juice lets you “create custom online audio anytime, anywhere. Really.” (Juice)

Feedbooster filters content by date, folder, author, source, etc. providing a unique way to access articles. Feedbooster, makes it easy to find specific feeds and topics within large collections.

Blogtrotter accesses and then relays your web feeds to your email Inbox, converting content to “a compact, easy-to-read format.” Blogtrotter accepts OPML subscription lists as a replacement for Google Reader for those like myself, who as yet may have only several feeds to follow.

My Top 3 RSS Readers By Troy Roberts

My top 3 RSS feeds are Feeder, Tafiti, and Flux. They all have different pros, and cons. Feeder is my favorite to use, it is just very simply laidout and easy for me to navigate. Second favorite is Tafiti. Tafiti was a little tricky for me to figure out at first, but it is very fast. They have done a great job streamlining the application, and we all love it when they work fast. Lastly, Flux is my 3rd. Flux does some pretty cool things. Flux will check your wifi connections, and if you are connected, it will download articles for you. This is really nice, because then if I’m on the move, and don’t have access to wifi, the application has already loaded the articles, and I can get the content instantly, instead of waiting for the article to download.

Adrian Peterson’s arrest requested

Adrian Peterson’s arrest requested -via SportsCenter

By Troy Roberts

Bad gets worse for Adrian Peterson. This article talks about how he has made yet another bad decision, smoking weed. He admitted to smoking weed at a drug test, in clear violation of his bond. Texas authorities are now submitting papers to re arrest him. Looking less and less likely that he will play again this season.

Generation Like… Or hate?

Generation Like was an interesting documentary to be sure. I really enjoyed how it explored the generation growing up with social media, as such an important part of their lives. Many things scared me in this video. It was scary to see how much stock a group of teenagers put in to how many “likes” their photo received. It is a scary thing when our youth put so much of their identity into getting validation on the internet.