A Scary ‘Generation Like’

Generation like on mac

This documentary was a bit disturbing and scary to me. These teenagers who are involved with social media this much are the future of the nation and the world, and look what they are learning and being taught from being so rapped up in and obsessed with social media. It was sad to see the young skateboarder kid getting involved in things that demean women. And even more sad to see that he becomes famous because of all the “likes” he gets from doing those things. Just shows that young teenagers are learning that they can do whatever they want, and will do whatever it takes to get the “likes” to get famous. Not to help other people out in the world, but to help themselves by telling everyone to look at them and see how funny or good they are.

Another thing that was disturbing was the young girl who has lots of help and support from her mom with posting pictures of herself online. Some of these pictures are a little revealing of her body. Her mom said, “If I had a full body picture, she will get tons of likes. And that’s just the reality…” This girl is still a young teenager and she’s already showing off her body online, and has support from her mom with doing it. This doesn’t teach her the greatest things about respecting herself as a woman.



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