Instagram Privacy Policy

I use a variety of social networks almost hourly but the most frequently visited one on my applications list would definitely be Instagram. I am actually thoroughly surprised at what I found in the privacy policy and terms of use for one of my favorite social networks. They start out by stating your rights and the terms of use. Things such as the required age to obtain an account, your responsibility for yourself, your photos, and your password security, what you can and cannot post on this site, (such as nude photos, credit card info, social security numbers) and lastly that you are expected and required to be yourself and truthful while using this service. They then go on to tell you that they are able to access your location, photos and other personal information that they then share with other 3rd parties to “make the ultimate experience” while using this service and ultimately appeal to a more specific and tailored audience. But they throw in there that you are in control of what you post, who follows you and what happens to your account in the end.


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