Anthony Green and Circa Survive

Anthony Green is a very good and successful musician. He is the lead singer in a band called Circa Survive, and he also does his own stuff under his own name. He’s been doing music in Circa Survive since 2004, and has been doing his own stuff on the side since 2007. In 2004 Circa Survive started up a website that was very simple and only had a picture of the band and a little paragraph on what they ere doing. Later in 2005 they put on an email sign up on their web page so that fans could submit their email address and receive emails about what was going on with the band. As time went on they added more to their website and changed it as well. They started to add some flash video clips and more pictures. And as the web got better with more things you could do on websites, they started to add a lot more, and started to make it look really appealing to go to. Now days they have a really nice looking website. Anthony Green didn’t get a website up for himself until May of 2013. By this time the web was quite advanced and his first website was really nice looking, and is still the same looking website this day.

When Circa Survive first started on the web they didn’t have a lot of information on their website.  And as they started to add more, it got a little confusing and felt like they were trying to make the website too nice that it was kind of hard to know where to go on it. But now days they have a really nice website that is quite easy to use. One thing I have noticed in the past couple years is their social media usage. A few years ago they didn’t use facebook or twitter very much at all even though it was very much available. But in the last couple years they have been really good at social media and posting a lot. Now days they post little videos to instagram of each show they do, they always post info on shows or things the band is doing on twitter and instagram. Social media is a great strength of theirs now days. And they post things at the right times as well. They don’t ever post things in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep. They’ll post in the morning and throughout the day. If they are on tour they will always post an announcement of the upcoming show the day before the show and then the morning before the show to get the word out. And then they will post a little edited video and retweet some pictures the next day after the show. And even Anthony Green is really good with using social media. On his own personal account he posts a lot about his family which is always neat to see from a musician. I’ve been following Circa Survive and Anthony Green for many years now on social media, and I have noticed that they are the ones that post on all their social media accounts. They don’t have a manager who does it for them, which is cool to me because I feel more connected to them personally as a fan.


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