Using Web 2.0 to Get Noticed and Succeeding: Miley Cyrus

For my case study I decided to choose a celebrity who has made a huge dent in society recently, and has been all over the media throughout the last year or so. I chose Miley Cyrus simply because if anyone has evolved using Web 2.0 or social media it is this lady.

  1. This was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen to see her website evolve so much just from 2006 to now. In the early stages of her site and career her site was mainly focussed on the idea that she was Hannah Montanna from the Disney Channel and the only options were to subscribe to a newsletter. Her present day website is filled with provocative photos of herself with her new style and image. She is obviously using Web 2.0 to her advantage to gain peoples interest in herself even if she is doing it in the wrong ways. She’s still gaining a ton of traffic and followers to her pages.
  2. She has many strengths to her newly modified website and social media accounts. She, as many other celebrities have turned to posting and doing provocative content and this in turn is interesting and humorous to those who follow her. By doing things that are normally not okay she is gaining a huge strength. A weakness that her sites could have would be that it is only appealing to a certain demographic or a certain type of people. Not everyone wants to see Miley Cyrus naked with emojis over her photos. That’s just not for everyone.
  3. Miley is a celebrity so she can be found on all forms of web 2.0 and almost every social media platform or application you can think of. I personally have checked her Instagram feed and she is what we normal users like to call a hyper poster. She literally posts a photo every single hour and it is of useless content that no one really cares about but a million people end up liking.
  4. She uses these platforms almost constantly.
  5. I believe that her personal social media accounts are ran by Miley herself and not a social media manager or a social media team. Although, she may have a team managing her followers and her personal image, even though they are doing a horrible job at maintaining her personal image.
  6. I think her ultimate strategy is to be the craziest person on the web so people continue to talk about her. There’s no such thing as bad press apparently.
  7. I think she is the queen of getting noticed on the web and in general. Her strategy is obviously working and doing everything she wanted and planned, if anyone wants to up their follower count or clicks to their pages they should definitely consider getting tips from Miley because no one does it like her.

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