Studio Elevn Online

Studio Elevn is a collaborative art space located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are famous for showcasing and utilizing local talent within Salt Lake and hosting beautiful events, galleries and weddings. Established in 2002, with almost no internet or social media presence they provide the perfect example for this project. In 20012 Elevn set out to increase their Web 2.0 and social media presence utilizing the five following practices,

1. Updated 2.0 Website

2. Instagram

3. Facebook

4. Pinterest

5. Vimeo

6. Twitter

An updated website provides Studio Elevn with an impressive portrayal of all of the amenities and services they have to offer. It showcases the space they provide and locals are able to utilize. As well as the talent that the members of Elevn bring to each and every client. A downside of this new and improved website could be the intimidation to inexperienced individuals who are not used to the new Web 2.0 format.

Instagram provides a social platform for Studio Elevn to showcase the work that has been produced in their space as well as the space itself. The images speak to the younger generation and creative professionals around the world utilizing this social media platform. The key to really utilizing Instagram is to constantly post new and innovative media that speaks to anyone and everyone, which can often be tough in a small studio space. In order to overcome these challenges Studio Elevn would be required to reach out locally and post relevant media to gain local followers that are religiously interested in what they are posting.

Facebook now has an option create pages for businesses and local talent. This gives Studio Elevn the option to not only get their business out there, but to also connect with individuals in search of a space to rent, or other talent to collaborate with, or if they are lucky, both. Facebook also allows the user to view office hours, location, and ratings for this specific business which could be helpful. Unfortunately, Facebook also requires monitoring of posts and reviews which in turn could have a negative effect on the Studios ultimate social media presence.

Pinterest is a site that is best utilized by individuals seeking a specific idea, look, or event space. Studio Elevn can really benefit from the use of this platform by posting cool, and innovative photos that were taken at the studio. People searching on Pinterest can then be linked back to Elevn and get in contact with the staff there who can ultimately make their vision come to life. The more media Studio Elevn puts out on this site, the more links come back directly to them and their space. Likewise, pinning similar spaces, in means of looks, to Studio Elevn will lead local users back to a space of their own, Studio Elevn. A possible downfall of Pinterest could be the failed expectations of filtered photos, and misinterpreted angles. This could lead to unhappy possible customers.

Vimeo gives a creative outlet similar to YouTube but offers a more executive feel. Where YouTube is viewed as content, Vimeo is viewed as art. This allows Elevn to portray their space as more than just a studio but as a creative venue for ideas. By encouraging the Studio Elevn staff to comment and interact with others they are able to establish a more artistic foothold on the Web 2.0 landscape. Unfortunately, Vimeo can be constricting as direct advertising is frowned upon and only creative works are welcome. Therefore, the media posted must benefit the Studio subtlety.

Reddit has a subreddit for everything. Being active on r/saltlakecity will provide the locals with a feeling of community, supported by a local business. This can have a massive positive outcome for small businesses who interact with other users. I would encourage Studio Elevn to talk directly to others who are interested in the photography and media creation fields. User interest is everything and the wrong idea or post could lead to unpopular down votes.

These are all platforms I would not only encourage them to use but almost require them to use, if they hope to continue their venture. These are ideas that will not only help short term but will just continue to grow with the long term. Utilizing these platforms will allow them to continue to influence the community an attract locals to vouch for their expertise. Having a strong presence in social media also allows Studio Elevn to develop in the local community and thrive with the people they serve both in the immediate future and years down the road.



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