In Class Blog Assignment 1

One Web 2.0 feature that I would probably have the hardest time giving up would be the user interaction. I love going on to blogs and seeing what other people’s opinions or ideas are, and having the option to comment on the page as well as read other people’s comments. I like that the web has become a place where people from all over the world can log on at any time of the day and interact with one another. I like being able to go on to a social media site such as Tumblr and see blogs from Australia, Mexico, Canada, Spain, and all over the world and be able to read about what these people are experiencing, and how it relates and differs from me. It’s so simple now to interact over the web, and I take it basically for granted, so to suddenly lose that I think I would have a hard time adjusting to the web again. -Meghan McColgan


The site does what students have been doing forever, checking in with each other, their friends, family and classmates to figure out who’s a great professor and who’s one you might want to avoid. Choosing the best courses and professors is every students privilege.This particular website has been so useful to me I don’t know how confident I would be to register for a class and attend to it. RateMyProfessor lets me know what I should be expecting from the class and the teacher, from the comment and ratings students post.

User-generated content makes the highest trafficked site for quickly researching and rating professors, colleges and universities across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

You may connect with peers on the site, leave comments, add professor/ college from your own account:


YouTube: A Window Into the World

Imagine a world that does not have YouTube. Now, be sure to keep me out of this world in your imagination.

I constantly think to myself how fortunate I am to live in an era where so much information is at my fingertips (and the fingertips of the rest of my generation). To me, YouTube is a window into a world that goes beyond my small grain-of-sand existence that contributes to the massive and beautiful beach that is out there.

If I don’t know how to tie a tie, I go to YouTube.

If I don’t know how to key green screen footage, I go to YouTube.

I want to discover new music. I go to YouTube.

There’s an inspirational story about someone making a difference, lo and behold it’s on YouTube.

Videos catch my attention like almost nothing else ever will. YouTube satisfies my desire to learn, need to create, and passion for learning. Hopefully, it will continue to grow and change for the better. (Please don’t disappear anytime soon!)


What is one Web 2.0 characteristic, platform, or feature you would find hard to give up if you had too and why?

Facebook is about socially getting involved, which can mean in just small ways as of just staying connected. From playing casual games, to following favorite interests, to keeping up with all of your friends. When I look at it those they can be all great, I mean I do most of that stuff, besides playing the casual games but from all the game invites I know most of you are. Taking that a step further people are starting to us these platforms not only to stay connected but to stay involved and creating awareness. People can now use their social media accounts or just the web in general to promote a business in a way. One thing Web 2.0 has done is it provides content as fast as content can be provided, if people want to know about something you can just “Google” or “Bing” it. People are now getting news feeds about what is going on in their backyard or worldwide sometimes by just checking social networks; news, sports, events etc.


Web 2.0 quick information

When you think about the world we live in today. How technology has taken over nearly every aspect of our everyday lives in the world we live in today. Would it be hard to give up something you use every day on your phone or computer?

For most people they may say giving up “Facebook” may be hard to give up on due to the fact that they want to see what their family and friends are up to every single moment of the day. For me I think it would be hard to give up the way we find information with certain websites, where you get “BREAKING NEWS,” quicker than watching your nightly news.

In the world we live in today we want to get news faster than everyone else, you don’t want to go to a library to find information, you want to just look on your phone and get the answer right there and quickly. We want information as quick as possible, you don’t like to sit and wait around anymore, so I believe it would be hard to give up getting information quickly on the web 2.0.


The Destination Is on Your Left

Discovering an address among a cluster of names, symbols, and colors on a large piece of paper otherwise known as a “map” could cause anyone, including those less inclined to ask for directions to beg a convenience store clerk for any information they may have that may help them solve the mystery of an address or location.   Turn time forward.  In your car or hands you hold information containing navigation that Columbus himself would have never believed if you explained what was forthcoming.  The discovery of GPS has been phenomenal in getting a person from one place to another either by foot, bicycle or car. You merely plug in an address and your own personal tour guide in voice form appears directing you with turns, feet and the exhilarating statement “The destination is on your left”.  This 2.0 feature has become such an indigence that it can be a serious “deal breaker” when buying a car.


Web 2.0 A necessity?

“What is one one Web 2.0 Characteristic I would find hard to give up?”

By: Tory Thompson

I think that the hardest Web 2.0 characteristic for me to give up would most likely be photo sharing. Photo sharing allows for almost a “Comfort Food” type of mentality when it comes to interacting with our friends, families, and loved ones all around. Without it I would be forced to actually get off my lazy behind and go and see someone, but now especially with all of the new updates for sites such as: Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook. We can allow ourselves to be exposed to seeing physically what others are doing without having to put up with them in person. I could never go back to dealing with everyone’s b.s. for lack of a nicer word. I would much rather be able to decide whether I would want to see someone’s face on my screen rather than in person, it is easier to say no.