The Destination Is on Your Left

Discovering an address among a cluster of names, symbols, and colors on a large piece of paper otherwise known as a “map” could cause anyone, including those less inclined to ask for directions to beg a convenience store clerk for any information they may have that may help them solve the mystery of an address or location.   Turn time forward.  In your car or hands you hold information containing navigation that Columbus himself would have never believed if you explained what was forthcoming.  The discovery of GPS has been phenomenal in getting a person from one place to another either by foot, bicycle or car. You merely plug in an address and your own personal tour guide in voice form appears directing you with turns, feet and the exhilarating statement “The destination is on your left”.  This 2.0 feature has become such an indigence that it can be a serious “deal breaker” when buying a car.



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