Web 2.0 A necessity?

“What is one one Web 2.0 Characteristic I would find hard to give up?”

By: Tory Thompson

I think that the hardest Web 2.0 characteristic for me to give up would most likely be photo sharing. Photo sharing allows for almost a “Comfort Food” type of mentality when it comes to interacting with our friends, families, and loved ones all around. Without it I would be forced to actually get off my lazy behind and go and see someone, but now especially with all of the new updates for sites such as: Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and even Facebook. We can allow ourselves to be exposed to seeing physically what others are doing without having to put up with them in person. I could never go back to dealing with everyone’s b.s. for lack of a nicer word. I would much rather be able to decide whether I would want to see someone’s face on my screen rather than in person, it is easier to say no.

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