What is one Web 2.0 characteristic, platform, or feature you would find hard to give up if you had too and why?

Facebook is about socially getting involved, which can mean in just small ways as of just staying connected. From playing casual games, to following favorite interests, to keeping up with all of your friends. When I look at it those they can be all great, I mean I do most of that stuff, besides playing the casual games but from all the game invites I know most of you are. Taking that a step further people are starting to us these platforms not only to stay connected but to stay involved and creating awareness. People can now use their social media accounts or just the web in general to promote a business in a way. One thing Web 2.0 has done is it provides content as fast as content can be provided, if people want to know about something you can just “Google” or “Bing” it. People are now getting news feeds about what is going on in their backyard or worldwide sometimes by just checking social networks; news, sports, events etc.


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