YouTube Always

The platform that I would find hard to give up would have to be YouTube. I would find this platform hard to give up because for me it isn’t just a form of entertainment but a way for me to connect to the society we know today and express myself though it. Posted below is a video of The Most Astonishing Fact featuring an interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson. This video has beautiful shots of different scenery and graphic art that is meant to grab and awe the viewer.

Sign It…

SignNow makes it incredibly simple to sign documents from an Android smartphone or tablet. SignNow is all about electronically signing images and documents. You don’t receive an electronic fax number as you do when signing up for eFax. Instead, SignNow makes it incredibly simple to add an electronic signature to a document or image and email it to the recipient as a PDF file.

SignNow is a very solid, business centric Android app. Like DocuSign, SignNow serves a very specific purpose, but it’s one that’s very valuable when the time comes to sign a document. SignNow gives you control over your document workflows and lets you easily coordinate signed documents with other electronic systems.

SignNow was founded in 2011 by Chris Hawkins and Andrew Ellis, and operates in Newport Beach, CA. SignNow appears to be a stable web-app, that is recommend to experts and anyone who has to deal with a lot of paperwork.


My Baby Can YouTube

YouTube has revealed a new app (shocking?) that is dedicated to one of their largest audiences: children.

It’s no secret that a child born as I write this post will probably play with a smartphone, tablet, or a similar device, before they even learn how to walk or talk. Catering to kids specifically is a no-brainier for one of the largest information platforms that exist on the web today. This is certainly an intelligent expansion move for YouTube and also addresses the inadvertent evils it acknowledges within its system.

Being that the Internet is somewhat of a Pandora’s Box of information (accessible to any child at the click of a button), there is a growing concern regarding how the groups that enable information-sharing help address this concern. YouTube Kids, as the app has been so creatively titled, allows for parents to set a timer on the app so that they may control their child’s use of the app. Another handy feature that has been included is one in which certain words that have been deemed inappropriate for children will not be “searchable”, instead redirecting the child to another search.

As the older brother to a curious, insightful, little girl, I can attest to this very real concern regarding young people and their Internet use. Looking something up on YouTube or Google that you heard while out at recess isn’t rocket science, taking little to no effort. That’s not to say that if you overheard Katie on the swings talking about the Underground Railroad you wouldn’t be able to find some fascinating documentary about the matter on YouTube. The Internet is a wonderful, beautiful, dangerous place; and I applaud YouTube on their efforts to fill the need for this kind of app.


Five Ways Pinterest Is Beating Facebook

Five Ways Pinterest Is Beating Facebook

In May 2014 a New York Magazine article written by Kevin Roose declared the following prediction:  “As social networks go, Pinterest doesn’t get a whole lot of respect. Which will make it even more surprising when Pinterest eats its competitors alive.” Who would have imagined that an image pinning Web 2.0 site with 85% of it’s audience being female could possibly one day surpass the ever popular Facebook? According to the article Five Ways Pinterest Is Beating Facebook by Troy Ireland  stated that 2014 holiday online sales increased.  IBM Digital Analytics compared Facebook and Pinterest and discovered “Facebook referrals drove an average of $101.38 per order, while Pinterest referrals averaged $105.75 per order. One of the major strengths that Pinterest has over Facebook is the format; it is specifically aimed to sell products.  This does not mean that Pinterest has conquered Facebook yet; but the future is looking promising.  The article does however provide 5 specific ways Pinterest has already surpassed Facebook:

  1. Visual content marketing: The visuals on Pinterest are clear, clean and engaging.
  2. Shelf life: Pins last and are easily available forever. On Facebook, they are around for only a few hours (if you’re lucky).
  3. Intent to buy: If you’re lurking around on Pinterest, you are probably looking to purchase something. On Facebook you tend to be there for a conversation.
  4. Promoted Pins: Maybe the best tool out there for marketers.
  5. Large female audience on Pinterest: “Women on Pinterest are 30% more likely to shop or buy online than the average woman.

The validity of Pinterest is escalating and may become the most advantageous tool in the marketing arena for business. Only time will tell. ^JB