The Many Powers of the ‘Like’ Button

PBS did a feature story on how technology has evolved, and how it has affected this generation’s idea of staying connected. They called it “Generation Like” and the video features many aspects of how teens stay communicated, whether it’s through YouTube, Facebook, or an online fan base.

facebook like button

I feel like I am a part of this so-called generation like. As a frequent user on many top social media sites, I often find myself posting things and frequently checking back to see how many people have seen/liked my post. It sort of becomes a game that you play with yourself. Whenever you post something and it doesn’t hit an ideal number of ‘likes’ or ‘views’, you sort of become a little self-conscious. Then you begin to wonder why it didn’t achieve the goal of reaching a high number of likes or views.

The video was very informative and helped me realize how much more there is to just hitting the ‘Like’ button. A lot of people depend on a high number of likes as a way of getting paid. Others depend on it as a way of great marketing for a business or a brand. So much goes into what the like button actually can do. It’s actually pretty fascinating.



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