To Like or Not To Like

There’s a scene in Generation Like , a documentary about teenagers finding their identity and connections through social media, where a group of teenagers are gathered around a table after school; each teen using their laptops strategizing ways to generate more “likes” on their social media sites.  This was one example that contributed to mixed emotions watching Generation Like.  The thought rushed my mind “Is this the arena kids will be growing up in; how do we educate them in such a way to survive safely and with strong mental, emotional and physical health? Certainly not the way a teenage girl is coached by her mother in the film. She stated and encouraged the daughter to use “full body” pictures; she will receive more “likes”. Jimmy Fallon says it best.  You journey with this same daughter creating and promoting spots to share on her social media. She expressed the “tingling” of having fans gave her to the interviewer. She states “I’ll get a couple of likes, I’ll get a couple of views, I’ll be happy with myself.” The camera then shuts off; the spot is shared and the waiting begins for “likes”. No friends. No time but to market self. No real relationships or connections.  Just waiting alone to see if you get the response you hoped for and  to walk away with a higher confidence based on what people thought of your recent post. Will the Dalai Lama statement turn into prophecy for a rising generation:  “Too much self-centered attitude, you see brings, you see isolation. Result: lonliness, fear and anger. The extreme self-centered attitude is the source of suffering.”



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